John Delk
Attorney at Law

John Delk 

Attorney at Law



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John Delk Attorney at Law is a general law practice. Licensed to practice in Texas State Court and the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Texas, John Delk handles a wide variety of cases in Criminal, Civil, and Probate Courts. Most of his time is spent in the counties of North East Texas, especially Bowie and Cass Counties.

A sixth generation native Texan and 1992 graduate of Texas High School, John Delk returned to Texarkana and opened his law practice in the fall of 2000.

Since opening the practice, his office has helped thousands of clients navigate through serious legal issues.

The best way to determine the options available in your case is to set up a consultation. There is no charge for the initial appointment.

To set up a meeting call us at (903) 792-2925 or use one of the other methods listed in the 'Contact Us' tab on the menu to the right.

From John Delk you can expect:

Focusing on the needs of Individuals, Families and Small Businesses

Experience with community roots