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When it seems there is no alternative, people sometimes reluctantly turn to Bankruptcy for protection. In such situations this office can help.

Social Security Disability Representation 

This office assists those with disabilities to obtain the benefits available to them under the law.

Immigration Law 

Immigration law covers a variety of areas dealing with the lawful entry or continued presence in the United States. This firm has access to translators fluent in Spanish. The attorney has excellent proficiency in German. Contact our office for information regarding other languages. 

Small Business Law

This office has handled a wide variety of small business cases. Business litigation and Incorporations are examples of business law.

Mental Health Law

Mental health is an important aspect of an individuals total wellness. This office regularly represents individuals in involuntary commitment proceedings.

Criminal cases involve an alleged violation of a criminal statute. Criminal cases can involve alleged violations of Misdemeanor or Felony laws as well as allegations of violations of probation. We handle these cases on a regular basis. This firm has handled criminal cases ranging from class C Misdemeanors to Enhanced First Degree Felonies.

Family Law involves a wide variety of cases dealing with family situations. This area includes divorce and child custody. Child Support cases and Adoptions also fall into this category of law. Additionally, cases involving Child Protective Services are Family Law Cases. 

Probate cases include the resolution of estates when an individual has has passed away, as well as guardianship proceedings for minors or those incapacitated. To minimize the toll of the probate process, this office also does estate planning including simple or complex wills, medical powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, designations of guardian before the need arises and advance directives.

Personal Injury Law includes those cases where injured people seek to be made whole for the losses sustained through the fault of someone other than themselves.  Such cases include auto accidents and other types of cases where injuries are sustained.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Probate Law

Personal Injury

Family Law

This office is a general practice of law. In fact we handle a great variety of cases. This listing below is only a partial listing of the areas handled by us. Please feel free to contact with specific questions about your particular situation. The information provided is not intended as legal advice, it is intended as general information only. John Delk is not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in any area, the descriptions below are intended to provide a description of the type of law routinely practiced by this office. 

Other Practice Areas

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