John Delk
Attorney at Law

Our people are the true strength of this practice.  Below you will find profiles of the dedicated people who assist our clients with professionalism and discretion.

John lives in Redwater, Texas with his wife, Melissa, and three sons, Mathew, Franklin, and Ian Patrick. He is an Episcopalian and attends Saint James Episcopal Church in Texarkana. John is an automobile enthusiast. a member of the BMWCCA and enjoys restoring classic BMWs. John is also an avid IndyCar fan.

John has served as Senior Warden for Saint Mary's Episcopal Parish, Chairman of the Bowie County Democratic Party, and Student Body President for Angelo State University.

He supports the work of CASA, the Randy Sams Shelter, and Domestic Violence Prevention.

Maxx is the founding member of our security team-- LAW DAWGS. 

With over 11 years of service to John Delk Attorney at Law.  Maxx helped John Delk study for the bar exam.  He is one of only three members of the John Delk Attorney at Law team to have served since the office was founded.

When he is not keeping the office safe, you can usually find him napping on the job in the file room

John Delk 

Attorney at Law



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Our People

John Seaburn Delk II

Maxx, Head of Security